Ashley L. Bergman


Co-Founder of Life-Support, Ashley Bergman realized early in her college career that true healing never occurs without three vital components; mental, physical, and most importantly, spiritual healing. She voiced her concerns to her college professor that, "without the third aspect.. spiritual healing, complete healing cannot occur." She was taken aback when her professor surprised her as he boldly stated, "Ashley, you are one hundred percent correct. But, I cannot address the spiritual aspect. If you believe, as I do, that something is missing, let me encourage you to find a program that embraces all three aspects". That conversation led her to a phenomenal program at Johnson University in Knoxville, TN where her Master's of Arts degree was earned in Professional Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy, with a Bachelor Of Science in Biblical Studies.

Although Ashley is a Christian Coach for Life-Support, Ashley is also a trained licensed Marital and Family Therapist, focusing on individuals, couples and marital problems via telehealth. Ashley Bergman is also certified in "Prepare and Enrich", a program designed specifically for Pre-Marital preparation and Marriage Enrichment. As a coach for Life-Support, Ashley Bergman brings to Life-Support expertise and a kind, attentive heart steeped in the Word of God. Her compassion is without equal. 


Dr. Patrick L Corn, DD


Matthew Bergman

Having a heart for the Lord, Matthew began his higher education at Johnson University, majoring in Ministry and Leadership. His people skills come naturally as a person who adores meeting people and enjoying a conversation.  Matthew has an Associate's degree in Ministry Leadership from Johnson University and he has also been involved as a youth leader at local churches, where he has also developed and given youth lessons and sermons focusing on discipleship. Having an inspirational story of trials and perseverance, Matthew lives his life to educate, coach, and minister to youth and adults.

Matthew has joined Life-Support as a Christian coach, helping individuals learn to grow in their faith. Matthew is also co-leader with Pat Corn at their discipleship group, First Love, established in 2019, which is a group that focuses on learning how to be an Ambassador for the Lord straight from the word of God. 


Thirty years as a minister and corporate trainer uniquely qualifies Dr. Patrick Corn to lead our personal and business clients with superior coaching methods. Balancing the personal and corporate life can be extremely challanging. Productivity for an individual directly relates to the productivity of the home and business.

Dr. Corn has authored Life-Support's "10-90 Project" curriculum that applies to both personal life coaching and business coaching. 

In today's soft semantics environment, we are encouraged to use the term 'issues'
to soft-pedal the fact that there is a problem in our personal lives or corporate structure.

"Let me correct and illuminate an important matter of semantics for you.
ISSUES are things you discuss. Issues are matters of opinion and debate.

People really have very few issues, but they sure have a lot of PROBLEMS!
PROBLEMS YOU FIX!"....Dr. Patrick L. Corn

ISSUES you discuss...PROBLEMS you fix!!"
Let's FIX your Problems! NOW!

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