Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a counseling center?

We are not a counseling center, prescriber, or crisis center. Although we have staff that is highly trained in the counseling field, our services offer faith-based life coaching services only! 

What are similiarities & differences between Life-Coaching and Counseling?

Life coaching and counseling both promote and encourage a positive, growing and healing environment and assist clients in achieving their goals! 

The differences include counseling focuses on the past and present while focusing on healing your past wounds.
Counseling will also handle crisis issues and clinical issues.

Life Coaching focuses on setting goals and focuses on the present and future.
Coaching also does not involve a mental health diagnosis and can help individuals function at a higher level. 

Here at Life-Support, we believe in providing the help you need, whether it is coaching or counseling! Your needs come first!

I always heard getting help meant you're weak or "crazy." Is this true?

This couldn't be farther from the truth. People who ask for help have the ability to reach out and ask for support. This support can help promote recognition of strengths, values, hobbies, spirituality, identity, and more. Asking for help may feel uncomfortable and vulnerable, and it is courageous.

What does faith-based mean?

We are a faith-based organization. This means we include and integrate the Word of God and invite it in each part of our meetings. Whether you are struggling spiritually from church hurts or theological confusion, or if you're wanting to strengthen your spiritual life, we are here to help guide you straight from the Word of God. All staff have experience, training and higher education in fields such as Biblical Studies and Ministry Leadership.

How do our meetings function? How long do they take?

We use the Solution-Focused approach, meaning we focus on finding the solutions and natural strengths in your personal life to make problems in your life less problematic. We understand there is no one cookie-cutter formula with coaching, so we focus on your individual journey as unique! Solution focused is a brief approach, therefore, your meetings may be up to 4-6 months, or less! We also understand the differences of individuals and understand you may need more or less time; therefore, your coach will set up a plan with you and discuss this in your meetings. 

What if I need something more than life-coaching?

We understand everyone's needs are different. If you're experiencing problems in life that call for a licensed counselor, we will give you referrals and a resource list. 

How do I know Life-Coaching is right for me?

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Are you finally fed up with problems taking over your life? Are you ready to challenge and fight back on your worries? Are you ready to take back the power over you life? Are you ready to see yourself as a strong man or woman of God? Are you ready to show Him the glory? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then our services may be just for you!

Email us today at or click the Contact link. We are excited and anticipating to be a part of your journey!